At temper we’re fully aware of the damage industrial meat farming does to our planet. And to be frank, we want nothing to do with it.

At our restaurants, you can always have confidence that our meat comes English farmers who take the best possible care of their animals and of their environment. Before that meat reaches you, it’s dry-aged and butchered in-house, then finally cooked over fire.

The meat that we serve is the very best that we can possibly deliver in every way.

Our commitment to quality means that our guests get exactly what they pay for, and we reckon it’s worth every penny.



We’ve been working with third-generation farmer Charles Ashbridge for almost a decade. His estate up in North Yorkshire supplies all of our restaurants with high-welfare beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Charles has been farming since he was six and was an early-adopter of less-intensive farming techniques: we’re so proud to partner with him.



There’s no ‘green-washing’ of our credentials at temper. We want to offer reassurance that we’re not cutting corners or sacrificing animal-welfare. We do not simply pay to offset our restaurants’ impact on the environment and call it sustainability.

It’s easy to talk the talk, but we have chosen farmers who walk the walk. Their estates are managed regeneratively, meaning that whatever the farmer takes out of the land, they put back: whether that’s by planting trees, leaving land as meadows or minimising industrial fertilisers and mechanical intervention.

Additionally, we minimise food-miles by only using English farmers, specialising in native and rare breeds, who live longer and happier lives.

This is something that is incredibly important to us, and that we will never compromise on.


As of December 2022 all of our steak is aged in-house, meaning we can guaranteed a consistently excellent product, over which we have total control. We dry-age the beef for an average of 60 days, but for a minimum of 28 days and we can keep on ageing for as long as our chefs choose.

What’s more, if you’ve got a special event booked with us how about a birthday steak instead of a birthday cake? Just get in touch with the team and let us know which cuts you’d like to reserve and how long you’d like them to be aged for then let us take care of the rest!


We butcher all of our meat in-house. When it comes to beef, we buy in whole beasts wherever we can, but if that’s not possible we still work with the ‘roasting’ cut pictured here. This is where we get all of our steaks and the joints for our roast beef on Sundays at Soho. Anything that’s not suitable for this is minced and used in dishes like our cheeseburger tacos and aged beef skewers.


We’d never buy in pre-cut steaks because we butcher in-house, and as there are only a set number of cuts per animal, when our daily steaks are gone they’re really gone! For full transparency, each roasting yields an average of:

1.2kg of Picaña or 4 x 300g steaks
900g of Château (AKA fillet) or 3 x 300g steaks
4kg of T-bone or 8 x 500g steaks
4kg of Porterhouse or 8 x 500g steaks
4.5kg of Rump or 15 x 300g steaks
7kg of Rib-eye or 14 x 500g steaks