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Wednesday 25th March

temper restaurant is celebrating spring lamb, sourced straight from the farm. We are hosting a special evening to showcase the best of seasonal British food this spring. The menu features traditional dishes, modern temper twists and includes our temper tonic which this month, is a seasonal rosemary & tonic to compliment your feast. 

The menu kicks off with Lamb Barbacoa Tacos, using smoked lamb meat & off-cuts from our main keeping waste to a minimum, stuck in a taco – complemented by a topping of mint sour cream, chili and onions.

The star of the show and main course is our Smoked Lamb Shoulder. Butchered in house and slowly smoked at 180ﹾ, the lamb is finished in our fire oven before being wrapped in hot papers to preserve moisture. The result is a soft, succulent lamb served with a parsley sauce. In addition, each guest will receive a classic lamb hot pot, cooked down in its own juice with vegetables topped with sliced potatoes.

The meal is rounded off with our Lime Mezcal Sorbet, perfect for cutting through the richness of the lamb & acting as a palate cleanser.

Tickets can be booked via Design My Night. Alternately, you are welcome to get in touch with each restaurant directly to book.

Spaces are limited!


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