Daphne’s Original Welsh Lamb

Cefn Du Farm, Henllan, Denbeigh


North Wales is a haven for amazing produce; the soil, terrain, sea air, altitude and its generously moist climate all conspire to create some of the freshest and tastiest herbs, vegetables, seafood, dairy and, of course, meat.


Daphne Tilley and her ancestors have been rearing their lambs in North Wales for over 200 years; fiercely Welsh (she can trace her lineage back to old Welsh royalty), Daphne is an ambassador-extraordinaire for Welsh lamb farming and produce.


She started selling to the restaurant trade just over 10 years ago, travelling down to London herself to deliver the lambs restaurant by restaurant – impressive, given she is now 73! Senior Sous Chef George has been sourcing meat from Daphne Tilley for over four years now and she’s one of the very best UK lamb producers – she even has an MBE from the Queen!


PGI Cetification:

As one of only five PGI certified (Protected Geographical Indication) farms in wales, her lambs are all free range and brought up on the cleanest, purest water, grass, air with only the best traditional farming practices.

Find out more about PGI Certified lamb here.


Quality and Taste

For Daphne, it is imperative that only the highest quality meat is sent to her customers, us included. All Daphne’s meat is correctly hung for maturation to give it the fantastic taste and tenderness that’s required.